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Our Pumping System

Concrete pumping truck with boom hose on construction site

A State-Of-The-Art Concrete Pumping System

Finding it hard to place concrete in nooks and corners of your construction project? Cross Country Pumping, LLC uses a top-of-the-line concrete pumping system that places concrete efficiently and quickly wherever it is required.

We use a 32-meter boom MAC truck-mounted pump to simplify our concrete pumping job. If you've been quoted lesser by another concrete pumping service provider, we can either match the quote or even beat it!
Concrete pumping truck with extended boom in residential site

Take Advantage of Our Mobile Concrete Pump

A mobile concrete pumping system, also referred to as a "Truck-Mounted Mobile", includes a concrete pump along with a placing boom mounted onto a truck chassis. Mobile pumps usually come with booms ranging from less than 20 meters to more than 60 meters.

Mobile boom pumps are used for a wide range of construction projects. The benefits of using our mobile pumping system are:
  • Turns up to a job site promptly and pumps concrete quickly anywhere within the range of the boom
  • Pumps concrete at very high volumes according to your construction needs
  • Reduces labor requirements, thereby ensuring minimum labor costs
Mobile concrete pump truck

See How Our Mobile Concrete Pump Works

During most construction projects, the end hose can be manually positioned for concrete pumping work. On other occasions, a remote-controlled, articulated placing boom is often used to position the placing hose exactly where the concrete needs to be placed.

The robotic arm is designed to unfold in a small area and be able to reach every spot within the length of the boom, even if there are difficult barriers and constraints in the area. The pipe runs the length of the boom and a placing hose on the end can be positioned to place the concrete precisely where it is needed, quickly and easily.
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